Tanya Watters

Hi Friends! I'm Tanya...

Love Tanya's founder and designer, meaning I've poured my heart and soul into every aspect of my business in order to provide you with the most beautiful dresses for your wedding. Love Tanya is my fresh, feminine take on two-piece bridesmaid dresses and separates for truly wear-again styles. Express yourself by building your own look with our mix and match separates.

How I got started in the wedding industry

My family started a bridesmaid dress company when I was only 7 years old. Growing up in the industry, I was exposed to the design process, production, photo shoots and even attending the bridal market in New York! My high school was across the street from their office so I spent most afternoons hanging out in each department. I even worked in the shipping department for a little while! Even with all that exposure, I never in a million years thought I would have my own bridesmaid collection one day. I was working in the finance industry in New York City, feeling uninspired and wanting a change. Several years ago I decided to move back to Dallas to work with my family which eventually led me to start my own business. 

Why I adore weddings

Weddings are great because it's one of the few times in your life that everyone you love will be together to see the amazing life you've created for yourself. It's truly a celebration of love and life. 

More fun facts about me

Favorite Flower: Tulips because they remind me of Spring in New York
Favorite Movie: Say Anything because John Cusack holding a boombox outside of her window is every girl's dream *swoon*
Addiction: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. 
My Coffee Order: Almond chai latte with one shot of espresso (aka the "kind of" Dirty Chai)
Signature Fashion Statement: Goyard tote for my laptop
Everyday Secret Weapon: I start every day off with a workout
Guilty Pleasure: Netflix binging
Secret Beauty Tip: I wear sunscreen on my face every day
Go-To Signature Cocktail: Kir Royal *cheers*

Brides, bloggers, photographers, models, planners, brands, whoever you are...I would love to connect with you. Don't be shy! Just drop me an email. - love, tanya