Mother DaughterIt’s Mother’s Day and I’ve been waiting a few months to write this post. I was surfing Poshmark one night and came across some Vintage bridesmaid dresses that my mom had designed. How cool is it that her designs are still selling after 20+ years? I decided I wanted to write a blog post as an ode to my mom on Mother’s Day. This is perfect timing to reflect on my experience being raised by a designer mother since Love Tanya’s one year anniversary is coming up.Vintage Watters & Watters

I remember when I was just 7 years old, my mom would be draping dresses in the garage with her sewer, Rita. They would often work late into the night since that is when she was most creative. I loved seeing how her designs would turn out from start to finish. I really enjoyed watching the burst of excitement when she would think of a new idea. She actually had a little happy dance – lol.Vintage Watters & WattersFast forward to today and it’s amazing to see how her designs forever changed the bridesmaid industry. Everyone else was still making big, poufy sleeves and taffeta dresses, but she was the first to introduce Dupioni silk and two-piece dresses. In case you missed it, two-piece dresses have been making a big come back recently! As a kid, I loved watching her select new trims like fabric flower pins, pearl buttons, and embellished straps. I feel like could actually see her wheels spinning in her head as she began the creative process.Vintage Two Piece Bridesmaid DressesI was also lucky enough to go to her photoshoots in exotic places (and miss school for it!). My favorite one was in Mirabella, Spain at a gorgeous Spanish castle. Afterward, we went to eat the most delicious paella I’ve ever had. When we got home to Dallas, I would look forward to sitting in her design room with the lights out, selecting the best pictures for her catalog. Back then there were no digital cameras so we had to select from picture negatives that were made into slides. I would help her put the slides into the carousel because I couldn’t wait to see the images!

Vintage Bridesmaid DressIt’s because of her perseverance and determination that she became an overnight success which enabled me to have an excellent education. When we first came to Dallas, we lived in a low-income apartment complex, but by the mid-90s I was able to attend a local private school. I feel blessed on this Mother’s Day and hope that I am making her proud. May we all remember our mother’s selflessness and sacrifices to provide a good life for us. – love, tanya

Vintage Bridesmaid Dress

May 10, 2018 by Tanya Watters

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