A convertible bridesmaid dress is one of the easiest ways to achieve an alternative look to the old "matchy matchy" bridal party. Introducing the Teagan convertible dress which features two separate sashes and hidden loops to create a variety of styles. Each bridesmaid can buy the same dress in matching colors. Then on the wedding day they can personalize their look while still maintaining a cohesive look.

Mastering this dress may seem intimidating, but trust us: it's super simple. Transform from a strapless to a one-shoulder to a halter using our separate sash and hidden loops inside the bodice. We're featuring 6 of our favorite ways to tie below (brooch not included). 

STYLE #1: Off the Shoulder
Teagan Convertible Off the ShoulderTeagan Convertible Off the Shoulder

 STYLE #2: The Double Cold Shoulder

Teagan Convertible Cold Shoulder Teagan Convertible Cold Shoulder

STYLE #3: The Single Cold Shoulder 

Teagan Convertible Dress Style 3Teagan Convertible Dress Style 3

STYLE #4: Double Straps 

Teagan Convertible Dress Style 4Teagan Convertible Dress Style 4

STYLE #5: Short Sleeves 

Teagan Convertible Dress Style 5Teagan Convertible Dress Style 5

STYLE #6: Halter with a Twist

Teagan Convertible Dress Style 6Teagan Convertible Dress Style 6

For more styling ideas, check out our How to Style the Tenley Convertible Dress.

-love, tanya

August 04, 2017 by Tanya Watters

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