Hey bridesmaids, your best friend is about to get married and she's probably stressed to the nines. She will be depending on all of you (not just the MOH) to take charge of the day when things get out of whack (as they always do!). Here are some great ways you can prepare to be the best bridesmaid ever! After reading this post, you'll be a total pro and could become the next Bridesmaid For Hire (yes it's a thing).

Bridesmaids Getting Ready

photo @calleymitchamore (Love Tanya bridal party)

Clothing Checklist: 

√ Your Dress!

√ Steamer - Since you're probably going to be in A LOT of photos, you'll want to make sure you've arranged a way to steam your clothes (do not use an iron). Often the venue or hotel will have one available, but you just need to ask in advance. 

√ Proper Undergarments - The right (or wrong) undergarments can change everything. 

√ Solemates Heel Protector - Left uncovered, your heels will sink into grass or quickly become damaged because of bricks, cobblestones, grates or decks. Solemates makes these genius heel protectors that can be used on your other shoes after the wedding.

√ Dancing Shoes (to change into) - I can only withstand my heels long enough for photos and the ceremony. After that, it's time to change into dancing shoes. Be prepared and avoid being the barefoot girl on the dance floor. Try these foldable flats which are inexpensive, comfortable and cute!

√ Getting Ready Shirt - Bring a wide neck t-shirt or a button-down shirt so your hair and makeup do not get messed up when you change into your dress. 

Rifle Paper Co. Planner

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Wedding Stuff:

√ Speech - Even if you haven't been asked to give a speech, I would highly recommend preparing one. I was in a wedding and the bride forgot to ask me to prepare one in advance because brides are busy sometimes! If you're caught in this situation, just speak from the heart.

√ Gift - While I wish I could tell you that your presence is present enough, unfortunately, all that pre-wedding spending and your amazing friendship does not relieve you from wedding gift duties. 

√ Directions to the Venue - Everyone will be looking to you to know where and when to be at the venue. Make sure you're prepared by having the address and directions memorized or saved in your phone. 

√ Wedding hashtag - The wedding hashtag is a great way for your guests to interact with each other and presents an easy way to share their photos from the day!

√ Download Wedding Share App - If the bride has chosen a wedding app, make sure you download it! She's spent the time uploading information and creating a place for people to share their photos. 

Pinch Minimergency Kits

photo @pinchprovisions


√ Mending Kit - I recommend putting this together so that the thread matches your dress exactly. If you use a pre-made mending kit, the black or white thread may stand out against your dress. Make sure you have safety pins, a needle, matching thread, and small scissors. 

√ Emergency Kit - This is easy to put together yourself and afterward you can throw it in your purse or car to have available every day. I have one and it comes in handy all the time! Must haves: tide stick, nail file, band-aids, tissues, aspirin, tampons, mints, floss, hair rubberband, and lotion.

√ Fashion Tape 

√ Waterproof Mascara - because you know you're gonna cry when your friends says "I do"!

√ Deodorant

√ Bobby Pins

√ Lip Gloss

Bridesmaid Gifts

photo @shoplovetanya

Other Items:

√ Spray Tan - If you've never gotten one, I suggest getting one at least a month before the wedding to see if you like it. Once you've decided on the salon, then I recommend doing it two days before the wedding so you will have already washed off the first layer of the tan, it will have settled into your skin, and you can add your own moisturizer. Waiting until the day of could be disastrous as it has the potential to rub off on the bride's dress. Plan ahead!

√ Portable Cell Phone Charger - Don't let your battery run out and miss all the good late night photos! You can buy a cheap phone charger on Amazon that is the size of your lipstick. It even comes in pink!

√ Snack Bar - The day of the wedding is always crazy and sometimes people forget to eat. It's good to plan ahead and have some snack bars around. Make sure you choose ones that won't ruin the Bride's white dress, or yours! I pretty much live on belVita's biscuits because they leave me feeling full, don't leave a mess, and they're easy to throw into your bag.

October 06, 2017 by Tanya Watters
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