It's an exciting time to be a bridesmaid! The days of looking like a clone and only wearing a dress once are long gone. Dresses with open backs, glamorous fit-and-flare skirts, sexy off the shoulder tops, two-piece ensembles and midi lengths are just a few ways to give your bridal party a fresh take. Scroll down to check out styles your bridal party will actually wear again, long after the hangover is over ;)


Is there anything more amazing than a beautiful dress with a stunning back? Yeah, I didn't think so either! Since most people will be viewing your bridesmaids back while they walk down the aisle, it only makes sense that open backs are a trend that isn't going away anytime soon. I love the Adele, Sloane and Piper dress from my new collection. 

Bridesmaid Trend - Open Backs


Fit & Flare skirts are a great way to give your body shape and show off your curves. This glamorous trend has stood the test of time and it's one that I don't see going anywhere anytime soon. Check out the Portia, Vienna, and Joelle from my new collection.

2017 Bridesmaid Trends - Fit & Flare


Off the shoulder is so on trend right now. Did you know it was one of the most googled fashion trends in 2016? A sure sign that it is HOT for 2017! The Serena and Zenia tops are two of my favorite styles from my new collection.

2017 Bridesmaid Trends - Off the Shoulder


At first glance, a two-piece bridesmaid dress may be an unusual choice, however, your bridal party will thank you because most two-piece styles can be worn again, and they will save on alterations since they can choose a different size top and bottom. Choose a mix-and-match lace and tulle number for a romantic vibe, or go for bold with a two-piece that shows a sliver of skin.  My faves are the Evie top paired with the Chloe skirt, the Millie top and Leighton skirt, and the Kendall top with the Keaton skirt.

2017 Bridesmaid Trends - Two Pieces


Midi length dresses and skirts are having a serious moment. This semi-formal length gives off fun, retro vibes but still feels sophisticated. In addition to the Chloe and Keaton midi skirts shown above, I'm totally in love with the Audriana lace midi (shown with the Evie top) and the Leighton tulle midi (paired with the Audrey top).

2017 Bridesmaid Trends - Midi Length

I hope you've enjoyed my outlook on 2017 Bridesmaid Trends. If you want to view more, check out the sneak peek of my new collection here. - love, tanya

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